Umbrella SFX is a professional recording studio specialized in recording, mixing, dubbing, voice over and everything that means audio post-production.

Our services target primarily the advertising, broadcast, film and video – game industries, but also meet requests from production houses and corporate entities.

Why are we different? We think is our dedication to high quality and originality (no exceptions).

What defines us beyond that? Well, usually, people come to us as clients and leave as friends. That is because we believe that good karma and a friendly work environment are as essential as talent and inspiration in creating sounds that matter.

Umbrella SFX has two fully equipped audio studios. We can accommodate any type of project including small to medium musical instruments.

We use the following hardware: ProTools HDX / Audio Technica, Brauner & Shure Microphones / Yamaha DM2000 v2 / Manley Vox Box / UAD Twinfinity / Apple Mac PRO workstations with on-line and backup storage capacity for up to 5000 hours of uncompressed sound at 24bit 96KHz.

Here at Umbrella SFX,  we believe in the use of legal software and sound banks, and we have lots of both.